Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West
Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West

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top-image Last Day for Mechadrome Kickstarter!

The Mechadrome Kickstarter campaign will be ending Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 10:00PM EDT. Thanks to our awesome backers, we are funded and can’t wait to start making our Mechs! If you would like to join in, now is the … Continue reading

top-image Mechadrome Kickstarter Ending Soon!

The Mechadrome Kickstarter Campaign is ending in 4 days! The campaign has gone very well and we’re really excited to start making our mechs! All of our 3D prints have been submitted to our production company and we’re in the … Continue reading

728d0d929de70941c9f375d278ada865_large Mechadrome Arena Hazard Prints

The prints for the arena hazards and alt light mech poses have arrived, and here they are! Sorry if the details are tough to see, the material was transparent this time, so it doesn’t all show up as well as the … Continue reading

MechadromeSamplesFeatured Medium Mech Sample Models

The Medium Mech samples showed up today, and here are the photos as promised! These are metal master samples, and were pretty heavy and tough to work with, but I managed to file down the very few spots of flash. … Continue reading

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